Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

If you are confronted solving a tough fluid or thermal engineering problem and do not have the capabilities on hand, we can assist to find a solution.  Our services embrace design and development of fluid flow machinery, heat transfer equipment, as well as fluid flow and thermal processes.  Our involvement may cover the complete process from initial problem definition and specification to detail design and analysis.  Normally, a fundamental design review of the existing design will reveal which options are available to either solve any design inadequacy or to improve the design.  Using novel design techniques, performance can usually be raised while flow and heat losses can be reduced. The benefit reflects in cost and energy savings. In marginal cases we do economic analyses to quantify the financial gain of a design improvement.

Examples include design and rehabilitation of fluid flow equipment, turbines, compressors, fans and pumps.  We design or solve problem cases in hydraulics, thermodynamics, thermo-hydraulics, fluid flow, pipe flow networks, surge analysis, multi-phase flow, sedimentation, buoyant flows and free surface flows, external aerodynamics and gas dynamics. In the field of thermal engineering we get involved in heat transfer, process heat transfer and design of air-cooled and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.