Power and Energy Technology

Energy technology embraces a range of disciplines linked to the power generation and process industry.  Thermodynamics, fluid and heat transfer, ventilation, heating and cooling are typically associated with this sector.

Efficient and economical conversion and use of energy characterize advances in energy technology. Large amounts of energy are lost due to inefficient designs of machinery and equipment, industrial processes, and buildings. Much energy can be saved for fans, pumps, electric motors, heating and cooling processes, as well as ventialtion and air conditiong.  Turbines, hydro power systems and thermal processes, can, for instance, benefit from a rehabilitation. In general, the xost of marginal design improvements, new designs or technologies are less than the cost of the additional energy required to run inefficient plant or equipment over its life-time. Energy savings and corresponding cost reductions can be achieved by improving systems design and retrofitting novel technologies.

At FTT Technology, we perform design and modelling of processes and equipment related to energy and power generation.  We are experienced in conventional, nuclear and renewable energy technologies, and have been involved in power generation projects ranging from novel nuclear power generation systems to renewable energy power plants. We do technical sutdies, detail design, systems integration or optimization of various technologies.